I attended Azza’s workshop during one of the most challenging times of my life. It is one of those times that is filled with the doubtful whys, hows and ifs. The time when unclarity and uncertainty take control over one’s life.


Thus, I went to Azza’s session with the goal of changing myself in facing calamities with serenity and inner peace.


On my way, I was curious to know how it will turn out. However, once I stepped in, I felt a tranquil ambiance that already started to alleviate my stress level and encouraged me to enjoy my journey.


Azza’s workshop started by her story, which any of us can easily relate to. A story full of success, and stress, moments of happiness and others that are heartbreaking, but what attracted my attention the most is her sturdiness in achieving her well-being and realizing self-contentment.


With her relaxing and warm voice she helped me visualizing self-clarity and feeling the power of resilience. Transitioning from spirituality to reality was seamless through some meditation and breathing techniques that added to the induced calmness and set the foundation for contemplating oneself... Where I was...where I am ....and ...where I am heading.


Step-by-step, through her open-ended, non-pressuring questions, I managed to wrap up the past year in statements about all aspects of life. Yet, most importantly, she encouraged me to craft a map of the new year.

It was staggering to go through a simple yet effective experience that helped me understand, dismantle my resistance and believing that everything can change if I change.


Azza’s gift was her advice that acts as a life compass to those who lose track. She believes that one’s dream is a treasure that has to be kept safely and that hope and belief are the cornerstones of one’s strength. Navigating skillfully through the tides of change can only come true if one strongly believes that it is one’s decision to make it through or as she simply puts it that “everything is possible.”


Written by Sherine El Sayed representing the whole group attending workshop on Dec, 2017 in Toronto, Canada


And More Testimonials



Thank you, Azza for the lovely session. I am so empowered and relaxed. Looking forward to attending more meetings with you. 

Marwa. December 2017- Toronto, Canada.


Thank you, Azza, very warm gathering. We Should have taken a picture before and after to see the difference. 

Hoda.  December 2017- Toronto, Canada.


Thank you, Azza for a great session. I came into the place with very tight shoulders and the start of a lower back pain where am always told I carry too much weight on my shoulders. I left relaxed and at peace with lots of things to think about (in a good way). Thank you. 

Rasha.  December 2017 - Toronto, Canada.


Thank you so much, Azza for a great workshop. Looking forward to attending more sessions with you. 

Mony December 2017 - Toronto, Canada.


Finding your inner compass to get to your future self workshop March 10th, 2018 Cairo, Egypt.


بجد ياعزه مش عارفه أشكرك أزاى،،،فكرة البصلة الداخليه لكل واحد مننا ،دى فكره رائعه ووضحت بداخللى حاجات كثيره ،،،وفتحت لى طاقة نور داخليه لوضع الأشياء فى أماكنها السليمه التى تساعد على أتزان طاقة الحياة والبيئه المحيطه بنا
Azza I really can't thank you enough.The idea of the internal compass in each one of us is a wonderful idea and has answered alot of an unanswered questions inside me. It has ignited a new energy in me and has helped me put things into perspective thus balancing my life and my surroundings. Thank you.

Maha Arram - March 2018, Cairo, Egypt