Come and Join us in Egypt 

Temple of Abu Simble

Why Visit Egypt

The 7 nights Program 

Most of us studied Egyptian history at school. We learned about the pyramids, the tombs, the temples, Kings, the queens and the civilization in general.

In my opinion, Egypt should be on top of everybody’s list for traveling anywhere in the world. 

But traveling to Egypt is not a one time trip unless you are going to stay more than one month traveling almost every day. Which you can probably do, BUT would do that? I don't think so, as you need to contemplate, experience and enjoy every place you visit.  

In Egypt, each region is totally different in terms of history, people, food, even dialects. When traveling in Egypt understand that it will show you so many faces if you allow it. Just go beyond the city's chaos, hustle, and bustle and try to enjoy and learn about his country. Without going further; here is why you should visit Egypt


It's north has a spectacular coast with a beautiful turquoise color sea and the white sandy beaches. Sunsets and sun rises are spectacular.


It's east has an amazing sea. The sea turns to the color red at sunset thus named the Red Sea. Yes, literally Red. This is because the sea mirrors the reflection of the sun on the red mountains. 

It's south holds all the truth of our beings. The soul’s ascension is written on the walls of the temples. Look carefully and choose the right guides.

It's west holds the secrets of the desert. The Alchemy. 

It's Center holds the river “ Nile”, the source of life and mostly where people live.

The world is beautiful but Egypt has its own charm, its own history, its own appeal and its deep secrets.


Will travel from Cairo to Luxor to Aswan. You will be seeing Egypt thru the eyes of a local Egyptian. Going back in time thousands of years glimpsing a thing or two about the hidden messages written on the walls.

Enjoy 7 nights in Egypt 


2 Nights in Cairo

4 nights on a cruise between Luxor and Aswan

1 Night in Cairo



I) Cairo:

First day: Free arrivals and optional tours.


Second Day: We will visit The Great Pyramids and Sphinx in the morning. Followed by a visit to Sakkara. 

Optional attending  the famous “Sound and light show.”


 Third day: Fly to Luxor boarding the Nile Cruise and spending 4 exotic nights on a cruise visiting temples and cities that existed thousands of years ago ( Valley of Kings, Hatshepsut,  Karnak, Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo, High Dam, Philae, Granite Quarries, Felucca sailing.) 


Seventh Day: Will depart the cruise in Aswan. 

Possible Optional excursion to Abu Simple  

After  enjoying the cruise for 4 nights we will then fly to Cairo to spend 1 more day.

 Seventh Day: Will spend the whole Old Cairo and famous Egyptian Museum. Lunch then continue to visit Islamic Egypt Rifai Mosque and Old Churches as Serga or Moallaqa.

Check in at the Hotel.


Eigth day: Breakfast and departures.


This package covers Upper and lower Egypt visiting important and famous monuments.



Price includes:

•3 nights accommodation on Bed and Breakfast in Cairo.

•4 nights full board on Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan.

•Sight seeings in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan with entrance fees & guide.

•Transfers from Airports to Hotels and Nile Cruises.


 Price excludes:

• Domestic flight. 

• Visa entry to Egypt.