If the walls could talk, they would tell extraordinary stories about the residence of the place.


We are mutually affected by the energy of our place, and we do affect the vitality of our home.

Does this make sense?


It depends who has the most potent energy.


When you leave your house empty for a long time and come back to it, do you feel a stall or strange energy? Focus, and you will know.


Last year we left our house empty for four months, I could swear that when I came in, I felt the house was very sad, and I also felt a little bit of a blame from my home. I could almost hear " How come you left me alone for so long?


To add to the story that there is a mutual energy exchange between the house and its residents, I had a plant that doesn’t need any maintenance yet when I came back from my long trip it was almost dying. I had to revive it. To my surprise, it was healed in a few days. It flourished again.  Same with my house.


So we do affect the environment that we live in? Alternatively, does the environments change us, and we are affected by it?


If you want to know more join our online seminar on how to uplift the energy of your place to uplift the overall strength of the house to uplift the energy level of your family.  



Declutter Your life Workshop April 21st, 2018

April 27th, 2018 - Toronto, Canada.


In Ancient civilization, a year started with the first day of spring, and we've decided to follow thru this energy to help souls bloom thru our upcoming workshop. 


Most of us have the answer within, but we sometimes need guidelines to accelerate this process and be able to peel the unwanted layers around us.


This Spring we are introducing an interactive workshop to help you start peeling off the unwanted layers from “WITHIN YOU” and “AROUND YOU.” The workshop is designed to have a ripple effect on you and people around you.


On April 21st, we will be doing guided meditation to release unwanted thoughts, and breathing exercises to relax the brain to go more in-depth within yourself and tap into your inner guide. I will be guiding you through steps to gently space clear your  environment.


In “i360wellness” we understand the effect of the energy coming from: “EARTH” “OWN,” “PEOPLE” & “THINGS.”

 Thus helping people declutter the 4 aspects is essential aspect of life.


In this workshop, you will be guided to space clear your environment mentally and physically to open space for new beautiful energy to come in your life.


Following the workshop and acting on steps learned, things will drastically change in your life.

So be prepared for a transformation ‘WITHIN YOU’ and ‘AROUND YOU.’ 



Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride. 







To confirm your seat please email and pay maximum by   Monday April 16th, 2018.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Finding your inner compass to get to your future YOU.


March 10th, 2018 - Cairo, Egypt.

Find your inner compass using the power and knowledge of ancient wisdom.


In this interactive workshop, we will be using the power and knowledge of ancient mystics and the yogi teachings to guide you to move forward in life.

We will be doing some breathing and brain exercises to help you generate new brain paths.

Using quantum physics, old and new knowledge can bring powerful results and bountiful energy.

We will go step by step to bring beautiful energy in 4 crucial aspects of your lives.

You will get out of the workshop with complete clearance of what you want and start manifesting it. 

Together we will create new paths of thinking and accordingly new ways of doing things.

You will get out of this workshop as a different human being, and things will drastically change in your life.

One powerful workshop that will guarantee a transformation in your life. 


Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the ride. 


Once you book please send your date of birth as we will give you a very powerful tool to use for the rest of your life.


Cairo, Egypt Location:

Villa Jannatan

Address: Inside El Nada Compound - Next to Tivoli Dome and opposite Arkan - Shiekh Zayed

Saturday March 10th 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Together will create bountiful energy and double our happiness.


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

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    Maha Arram (Tuesday, 03 April 2018 16:43)

    بجد ياعزه مش عارفه أشكرك أزاى،،،فكرة البصلة الداخليه لكل واحد مننا ،دى فكره رائعه ووضحت بداخللى حاجات كثيره ،،،وفتحت لى طاقة نور داخليه لوضع الأشياء فى أماكنها السليمه التى تساعد على أتزان طاقة الحياة والبيئه المحيطه بنا
    The idea of the internal bulb in each one of us is a wonderful idea and has put the light on many questions inside me. It has ignited a new energy in me and has helped me put things into​perspective​ thus balance my life and my surroundings. Thank you