Everyone has a dream in life; this is what we know for sure.

Some pursue it, and some don't. Why? Merely, because they think they just "can’t do it."


 "I can't " is engraved in their minds.


There are TOOLS  to get clear on what you want, and there are STEPS to achieve it. 


In a nutshell;


ALLOW yourself to dream.

GET CLEAR on what you want.

ALLOW yourself to be guided from within and from without, ie, people who can guide you.

AGE is not an obstacle instead is an opportunity. 

A lot of people look at age as an obstacle while the right thing is that it is a gift and the older you get, the quicker you manifest your dreams. 


And finally, 

PERMIT yourself to manifest your dream. 


The journey long or short but once you recognize it, you begin to live with a purpose in life, you understand that life is not only living the days but feeling and enjoying it as well.


To make my point clearer "Mothers" often put their kids before them but once they grow up and leave the nest, most mothers find themselves with no purpose in life and start clinging on other stuff that is not close to their hearts.

Here you have to stop and redirect your thoughts and energy towards something that would make your hearts dance and live your individual life.


The tools are available to direct and funnel all your thoughts to lead them to a fulfilling life. 

In Feng Shui; We have tools and techniques that can help you clear obstacles that are blocking your way.


I had worked with numerous clients and coached them both physically and mentally to fulfill goals that their hearts desire. 


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March on the Nile in Upper Egypt.

April in Toronto.

May Niagara Falls. 





I had thoughts of what will be my first blog of the year 2018, but nothing felt right. Then something showed up in my feed, and I immediately decided that this would be my first mini yet influential blog for 2018.  It is the perfect timing.


Let us take steps towards the right direction.

Do you ever ask yourself what you will be in the future?

Do you ever ask yourself what you will be in 5 years?

If you do, how do you plan for it? 


Let me share with you a little secret.


Who you will be in the future is decided upon:


1- The books you read.

2- The people with who you hang out with.

3- The people who you listen to.

4- The things that you believe in.

5- The videos that you watch. 

6- The information that you take in, be it positive or negative.

7- The workout you do or not do.

8- The food that you eat today.

9- The feed that you get be it thru your eyes or any energy level. 

10- The thoughts and information you acquire from your surroundings.


Your FUTUR is DECIDED and SHAPED by what you feed your mind, body, mind, and spirit.

On the other hand; the dangerous part is that if you do not feed your mind with success, it will rot with MEDIOCRACY If you take in the garbage, this will show up in your future.  And if you don't choose what you take in someone else will decide for you because you are always taking something in.




- Choose to feed your mind with prosperous thoughts.

- Choose to surround yourself with those who have the same ambition.

- Choose to be very selective with what you feed your mind every day.

- Choose the right information, don’t clutter it with garbage, 

- Choose for yourself what you read, listen and see.


REMEMBER: All will show up in the future.


What you do every day will dictate your future. 

If you want success, put it in. 

If you want peace and happiness, put it in.






My mind is strong. 

I am strong. 

My thoughts are strong.

My beliefs are strong.

My life is strong. 

I can; I will; I am limitless. 


Have a fabulous year.