Quick Tips:

How to network as an expat?


How do I network in a foreign country?

A lot of people me this question and I myself asked it when I did the first work abroad thing.

1- Point out your interest. Golf, swimming, cards, reading, drinking, yoga, moms groups, play dates ..etc No politics.

2- Find groups on social media and join them in your area.

3- Attend the meetings or gathering and participate regularly.

4- Give something to the community, as expert advice, help people find things they need.

5- Don’t stay at home in front of your computer.

6- Network thru other friends network.

7- Don't be very particular or very judgmental.

8- Be good to everyone and no gossip.

9- Share your travel stories with others to benefit them.

10-Share any anything that might benefit your friends.


 Finally, keep smiling and stay positive. No one wants to stay around negative people.