Hiking the magical trails in Sinai,Egypt.


One of a kind hiking experience. Open your heart adventure.


We are hiking the beautiful wadis (valleys) of South Sinai, in Egypt, passing hidden monasteries, seeing water pools and places with stories and history including the Ottoman Palace located on top of the mountain. 


HIKE: Mount Catherine - EGYPT highest mountain.  Jebel Musa (Mount Sinai/Mount of Musa) one of the holiest mountains in the world. We will hike in tranquil desert listening to the silence, and if we tune more, we might be able to hear the desert telling stories of travelers & history. We will follow our souls and the whispering of the winds to guide us thru our journey. We will tune in to be able to be guided on when to hike and when to contemplate. Will, it be in orchards or will it be to climb a mountain?

Stay still and listen.


Experience: Sleeping under the million stars, yes with your own eyes you see the skies lit with million stars. 

We will be sleeping in a Bedouin camp experiencing both simplicity and complexity of living in the desert.


Savor The Bedouin food and drinks. Simple but nutritious. Learn what and how to eat to stay energized in the desert. We will be eating Bedouin food and will be drinking Bedouin drinks. 


Reset and rejuvenate: A total change in lifestyle for a few days. 


Life is beautiful, and the world is magnificent. 


Come to join us October 31st, 2018 


Book your flight or bus to Sharm El Sheikh. It is the pickup and drop off point.



Map of Sinai 



Map of Egypt

Hiking and living in beautiful Sinai desert in Egypt for 5 nights

Package includes:

1- Permit and fees.

2- One night before the trip and one night after the trip, accomodation and full board.

3- Full board throughout.

4- Transfers from and to Sharm El Shiekh.

5- All prices are in USD.