harnessing the New Year Energy:

In the New year, OUT with the old and IN with the new.   Remember that CHANGE is the CONSTANT and this is life.


New energies are constantly being created giving us new opportunities every minute, every day, and every year.

It is like the waves at sea that are continuously being generated; abundant, countless and full of opportunities. 

We can ride the waves or let it pass us. Both are ok, but one is enjoyable than the other. Harnessing the energy will carry you thru life more comfortable and happier like riding the waves.


But how can we leverage this new energy?


Each of us has 4 "right/good" directions and 4 "not so good." If we nourish the "good one," we will cultivate the good that is coming our way, and if we recognize the "not so good," we can protect ourselves and understand how to deal with it.

Simple but sophisticated. If you are interested to better your life and the life of those surrounding you we are only an email away.This will change your life.



I am happy to help you with the New Chinese year coming soon.


Just fill the below form with your date of birth and briefly write what you want to see changes in your life in the new. Things will change after you do the work we ask you to do so dont forget to share your stories with us.


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