Self development

Self development  · 08. April 2018
Why declutter? Declutter your life from previous experiences, could it be past marriage, nasty job, bad relationships, etc. We all have something that needs to be decluttered. To illustrate more; here is an example to clarify my point. The story began when we went as an expat overseas a few years back and had to store personal belongings for around 4 1/2 years believing that they are all important. This is the “Attachment" stage. As we grow and thus change, two years after, I started feeling...
Self development  · 05. April 2018
Always work on raising your vibration. A friend of mine and a teacher told me a long time ago when in the light, darkness cannot exist. So work on being on a higher vibration all the time.
Self development  · 03. April 2018
You are what you eat. And you are what you feed your mind with. New Year and New Resolution for wellness. Protect your mind and choose your intake for a healthy wellbeing.
Self development  · 18. January 2018
We are all connected. Raising the collective conscious is by exchanging information and growing one individual at a time. Although in our workshops we target each person needs, our intention is once our workshop is completed, it goes beyond one person and have a ripple effect on all those connected to him or her.
Self development  · 05. January 2018
We are what we feed ourselves.