Who am I? 

I am the swimming champion, who traveled the world competing. I am the entrepreneur and one of the leaders in meeting and conference planning. I am the travel organizer and the go-to when it comes to traveling. I am the Yoga teacher, a swim instructor, and a fitness coach. I am sharing my travel experience with you and hope you can join me in one of my upcoming trips. Now I am the digital nomad , a travel writer, and blogger. I am and will be showing you the world thru my eyes and camera lens.


Transformational Coach?

I lead workshops and seminars using my knowledge, experiences and studies in quantum physics and healing to guide people and enlight thier journey. STEP by STEP.


Why i360wellness?

I believe in body, mind and spirit experience. To have a balanced life, we have to care for our bodies, thru exercising and eating the right food. Care for our spirit by always doing the right things. Enriching our soul by giving it new experiences. This is where i360 wellness comes from.


Why our Facebook and Instagram is called

"A cup of tea then travel"?


Simply because I love good quality tea and drink it a lot. It soothes me and is my companion in my travel.