We are spiritual beings having an earthy experience.


Our mission in life, as humans, is to learn, evolve, grow, build and help one another.




We are made up of several layers; the body, the mind, and the soul. 


BODY: Is the vehicle that helps the soul to achieve its mission in life.

Therefore, the body has to be treated with absolute respect. It has to be nourished well and kept in the best shape to carry us to the end of the journey.


SOUL: Needs to be nourished too. How? By doing good deeds. Connecting with the light to achieve our mission on earth. 


MIND: Needs to be filled with love intention, so every decision or action has to be originated  from love, not from hate so as not to lose our way to the final destination. 


Body = Nourishment and exercise.

Soul = Doing good deeds.

Mind = Love based intention. 


Spreading light and love to one another and helping people to replace fear for love.


Every time I help a person find his path,  I expand and grow my own. So help me help you to help me.

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