The oceans must be thanking you as all marine traffic is on hold.

The birds must be thanking you as  they can breathe fresh air.

The earth must be thanking you as  less airplanes, trains & car are running around.


Finally, we have enough / abundant TIME while just a few days ago we were complaining we don’t have enough.

Finally, we can spend time with our families.

Finally, we are decluttering our homes. 


Finally, we have the time to enjoy what we have.

Finally, we can read this book or clean this cupboard. 

Finally, we can breathe fresh and clean air.

Finally, we can hear the sound of the wind and have time just for ourselves.


The Earth must be thanking you, Coronavirus, for giving it some time to breathe, reset and rejuvenate. 


I am sure we will have more fruits, more vegetables and more flowers in the coming period.



Regardless of the financial outcome, we will all get out of this different.




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