Why do some people get sick all the time?


As I was contemplating this subject, I had this conversation in my head.

Why some bodies get sick all the time? I asked the soul.


"Ask the Self.” The Soul answered.

So I turned around and asked Self. Hey Self, why do some bodies get sick all the time?


" Ask the body." The Self answered.

So I turned around and asked the body.


Hey Body, why are you sick all the time?

Body answered: "Because people hate me.”


I am now asking the body but in shock: How come?


"Let us trace our daily conversation." The body answered.

“They look in the mirror and constantly criticize me. They don’t like the shape of the tummy, the thighs, the nose or the arms to name a few.

They are constantly not happy with the way I look.

On the other hand, they never appreciate all that I do for them. They never thank me for carrying them all day all their life and taking them to all the places they want. They never give me any words of appreciation. All that I hear is, how bad I look.”

The body continued: “Yes, I might be overweight or have stretch marks or don’t look like “Barbie” but I am still doing my job keeping them alive. 

Although I am being criticized all the time and am never appreciated, I am still working in full force for them. 

But am so tired, overworked and unappreciated. Accordingly, I don’t care how I look anymore. 

Being not appreciated and cared for I am not able to give them the only thing that they care for: The looks.


OMG. I thought, here is the answer. The relationship with one's body is the key.


Let us stop and analysis.

What happens when someone is constantly criticizing you? Does this make you feel bad? Does it demotivate you? Discouraged you? 


The answer is probably “Yes."


But on the other hand, how do you perceive a piece of advice or criticism from someone who always appreciates you?


Probably you accept the criticism, work hard to change to be appreciated again.


So if you are constantly sick, stop and really think of the conversation with your body, mainly in front of the mirror? Are you criticizing it all the time for its looks? Are you constantly comparing it to others? How unkind are you to your body?


If this is the case, probably your body is angry with you by manifesting sickness in some shape or form.


Now that we know, the problem, let us find a solution.


The solution is that we need to heal this relationship.



By one simple step.




Yes, give your body some love.


So here is an exercise to start your journey with healing this relationship.

Dedicate a few minutes a day for 30 days to make peace with your body by writing one good/positive thing about it.


Make peace with your body. Look in the mirror and thank it for all what it has done to you throughout the years. Pamper & love your body in whatever shape or form you see is authentic and believable to you. Put the shape of your body aside for now.


APPRECIATION brings miracles with each and everything situation. 

So, sit back and watch the magnificent changes happening to you just by this simple exercise.




Hope those words would help someone heal their sickness.


Sending you  love and light your way on the journey to healthy living.

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