Listen and then act.


Are you aware that you are surrounded by messengers that come along to guide you, but you keep on ignoring them?

Is there a whisper in your ears that is carring a message for you to act or to direct you , yet you are still ignoring it? 


But, what happens when you do listen to your guides?


Here is one story.


"You have gained weight.” 


A  friend of mine told me in a voice full of love and care after not seeing me for a few months.

My heart pounded. Time stopped.  Why? Because she has spoken the truth. The truth that I have denied for months. 


Now here are two scenarios; 


 My old me would have thought; “ How she say this in my face?” or” How can I get back to her?"


 However, my wiser self-kicked in as  I have been working on “Myself” for a very long time.  I immediately realized that I don't want to waste energy on defending myself or revenging from my friend, instead, I want to focus my energy on solving my problem. 


So the first step was, thanking my friend for not sugarcoating the TRUTH.”


Second, I realized that this was an important message and  that I have to act on it immediately.


Third, as many of you know, I am an athlete and a coach, so I told myself that I have to pull my act together and most important have faith that I can. achieve any goa I set my mind to.


 So both  my attention and  intention went to: “ Go back on track” “ Stop procrastinating” “ Cut the excuses.” 


 Fourth, I have to focus on the problem and the reasons why I reached the stage of "overweight."


Five, I decided to take action.  Get some help. 


Six, I  used her words to get motivated and empower myself to go on this journey. 


The beauty of the “truth” is that it brings clarity and takes us on the right path.  It resonates with us and goes straight to our heart. It opens up all our shielded layers of protection. Truth is empowering.


Listening and filtering what is being told to us all day is essential as messengers and guides around us help us to evolve and can make our journey sweet and enjoyable. 



Listen to the whispers that come your way.

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