If you dream it you can achieve it?????


 “I had dreams…dreams of things I wanted…for years I dreamed, and I realized I never reached those dreams. I feel so victimized. I feel the universe is conspiring against me. I am depressed as I have done exactly what new age teachings says, but the universe hasn’t responded to my dreams.’’ Those were the words I heard recently from a client.


How many times have you heard the sentence; 

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. 


How inadequate is this sentence?



I explained that the sentence " Dream it to achieve it" is incomplete. As you can dream all sorts of things to happen all day and all night. Yet in reality, nothing will change. 


But why…? 


To illustrate; let us rethink a few things over.


For years and years, I dreamt of having six pack abs, I wanted it so badly! Every time I looked in the mirror I said to my myself, I want those abs. In my head I thought I would look so much better walking around with those six packs. 


“I wanted and I dreamt’’ of having six packs but I didn’t get them.  Why?


Let see why I never got those six packs…


If I want six pack abs, I need to figure out what it will take to reach my goal. Even just visualizing it? 

Then I need to ask myself, can I do this/have I done this? Yes, or No.



I thought to myself if I want those six pack abs, I need to workout daily for a year. 


Can I do this/ have I done this? Yes, or No.


If I want six pack abs, I need to be on a specific nutrition system for a year. 


Can I do this? Have I done this? Yes, or No. 


I get to ask myself after the year, have I done this? Have I been on the nutrition system, have I exercised? Did I abide by all the rules? Yes, or No.


In my situation, I should ask myself; “Have I done any of the can I’s or have I's above?” 


My honest answer to self was a big “NO”


Reflecting on my answer I reached the conclusion that:


I did not want to commit to vigorous exercise anymore, as I have done it early in my athletic career.


Bingo!!! I was the one making the decision; not to follow a plan to achieve what I want " My Dream" 


I realized, the universe did not conspire against me. Because if I wanted, the six pack, I should have done the effort. Then I am not a VICTIM.


I am clear on what needs to be done to achieve my dream. This is CLARITY.


I do not want to put in the effort. This is HONESTY.


I decided to stop dreaming about things that won't come true, because of “I” was the one to decide not to take action. I regained my POWER.


We all have to be honest with ourselves, to be clear on what we want to achieve.




We have to take action and ACT on our dreams to be able to achieve them. Dreaming alone is NOT enough.


Same goes for anything we want to achieve. 


Realizing this, it encourages one to get more motivated, to take control of our lives, rather than getting depressed.


My client got out of our conversation at peace with herself and is now aware of the fact that the universe did not conspire against her.


Fine tune your dreams and ACT upon them. This is the magic of life.


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