BUYING A CAR IN DUBAI? What you need to know.

Follow this simple checklist to make sure you get the right car for you.


If you are new in the region, first and foremost, ask friends or colleagues what they consider to be the essential features that you would need in a car in the Gulf region. Take into consideration the scorching hot weather and heavy seasonal rains. Depending on where you live, you may want a 4 X 4, or you may be able to get by with a sedan. 


Next, consider how you will use the car. Who will use it? Is it just for you to go to work? Do you have a family to consider? Will you be driving your children and their friends occasionally? If so, what are their activities? If they are involved in certain types of sports, you may need more space. What about family trips? If you like to drive on vacation, consider trunk space and seating comfort. If you enjoy the desert or go to the beach on weekends, think a 4 X 4 for better handling of the terrain.


With all these considerations in mind you will be clear on what you need.



Next, let’s consider the budget. If you are not sure, then I recommend that you go on a small excursion. First, visit a few dealers in the area, test drive cars that you think may suit your needs, and shop for the price. Mark a check once you’ve completed this step.



Now you have the critical data required to zero in on not just what you need, but what you can afford.


Now the fun begins. Explore websites, read classified ads in major newspapers, ask friends and visit dealers. Mark the box once you’ve taken a look around.



If you decide to go with a brand new car, check to make sure the car model you are buying is not being discontinued. Also, search online for  review  written by people living in the Gulf region. Invest a little bit of time to feel secure in your choice.


 If you decide to buy a used car, here are some steps to make sure you make a sound decision.


Be sure to take the car to an independent mechanic for an unbiased report on the state of the vehicle. Do not use the seller’s mechanic.



Now that you found a reliable shop to check your car, ask the following questions:

If your car's model is discontinued by the maker. This is an important issue because when something breaks in your car and your car is discontinued, you may suddenly find yourself without a vehicle if a replacement part cannot be found. Sourcing spare parts and getting them shipped to Dubai could be time-consuming and expensive. 



A little bit of advice from my own experience -- if you settle with the seller on the car, do not pay him until the vehicle is registered and checked one more time. I had a case where the day before the car was scheduled to be delivered, the seller took the car’s new tires off and replaced them with old ones that would not pass the test at the registration office. The seller disappeared, and I was stuck paying for new tires.


One place you might want to visit before buying your vehicle is a site called "Al Aweer." Check the website


Now that we’ve shared with you everything we think you need to know and investigate before buying a car in Dubai, we wish you all the best and good luck.



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