Change is the constant:


I had this conversation during a recent workshop that I have lead. 

An attendee said and I quote “My status at work is ever changing, I can”t cope with it, and I feel insecure.” Unquote.

We often don’t like or resist change in our lives, but nature keeps reminding us that nothing stays the same forever and that change is the constant. 

Change of seasons is the best example, and our adaptation is a proof that the only way to survive is to adapt to this change. In this case, we cannot "STOP" the change of the weather or "CHANGE" the turn of the seasons. Instead, for us to survive, we’ve got to ADAPT by wearing different clothes during the different seasons. Heavy cloths in the winter and light in the summer. 

Same with our lives that is ever changing. Our role is to dance the highs and the lows of what life brings to us. And to be able to adapt to and be able to accept the wisdom of change, we've got to keep on learning.

Which part of your life is resisting change today?

Have a great enlighted Monday. 



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