A client of mine came to a coaching session asking me to write her a roadmap to follow as she can't do it herself.


I had to stop her and first explain what my role was.


Personally, as a coach, I guide to bring the WITHIN to the WITHOUT.


For illustration purpose, years back when I had my swimming school, most of my young clients were the first to learn swimming in less than the allocated time in a course. 



By giving them the necessary tools to find their inner brilliance to excel in whatever they are doing, in this case, swimming.

My vision and strategy proofed to be right.


Amazingly, not only a lot of them are now competing on a very high level in swimming in Canada but are excelling in their personal lives too.

I coached them for life, and this was my intention.


They might reach another plateau when coaching again might become necessary for advancement in life.


But I succeeded in my role at a particular stage.


I created a ripple effect in their lives. My intention was not only to teach a skill but instead bring out their brilliance to use it for life.


In my belief, a lot of us almost know their soul's desire, their strengthen(s) and their dream(s) but because of outside pressure, they tend to deviate from the truth, and their vision becomes blurry. 


Once aware of this fact, my advice is to seek help. 


A guide/ coach to help you get to the desired destination.


Just for the records, my client is presently happily busy refining her roadmap that we worked on together using the handpicked tools.


We are all in here to help each other advance in life.


Enjoy the day wherever you are in the world. I am sure that there is spring somewhere, not in Canada yet.


Love, Azza

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