In ancient Egyptian civilization, a year started with the first day of spring, which coincided with the vernal equinox and our ancestors believed that this day represented the beginning of creation. 


For us, spring is a rebirth, re-creation,  after long leafless and cold winters, weather changes and so is our feelings. 

This year we decided to follow thru this energy to help "souls bloom" thru our upcoming workshops. 


This Spring we are introducing an interactive workshop to help you start peeling off the unwanted layers from “WITHIN YOU” and “AROUND YOU.” The workshop is designed to have a ripple effect on you and people around you.


Our workshop is based on new and old knowledge as we cannot discount what our ancestors have already discovered. We use their expertise and add more of ours to come up with better ways to harness the ever-changing energies around us. 


What will you be doing?


It is an interactive workshop for YOU.  We will not be sharing experiences among participants but instead going deep inside of you clearing the clutter and organizing YOU. We will be doing a guided meditation to release unwanted thoughts, and breathing exercises to relax the brain to go more in-depth within yourself and tap into your inner guide. You will be guided to declutter your energy. 


Why this workshop?


In “i360wellness” we understand the effect of the energy coming from: “EARTH”,“OWN,” “PEOPLE” & “THINGS.”

 Thus helping people declutter the four aspects is essential individual and the collective wellbeing.

 And I myself strongly beleive in the importance of taking an active role in raising the collective conscious.



What will you learn?


- You will learn how to declutter your thoughts and fine tune your objectives. 

- You will face your current you and make adjustable actions to reach your wanted destination.

- You will learn to gently space clear your environment mentally and physically on several energetic levels to open space for new beautiful energy to come in your life without disrupting it.

- You will learn how to create an environment that helps you be at peace with yourself and those around you.

- You will genuinely understand the degree of control that you have over your life.


What to expect after the workshop?

- Following the workshop and acting on steps learned, things will drastically change your life and those around you.

- You will radiate light and will positively affect not only yourself but everyone around you.



So be prepared for a transformation ‘WITHIN YOU’ and ‘AROUND YOU.’ 

It is a complete cleanup.

Life can be wonderful, let us enjoy its good side.

So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride.

Workshop details:

- Location: Queens Quay, Toronto, Canada.

- Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

- Cost for first time attendees: $175.

- Includes light lunch, warm drinks all day.                                                                                          

Please confirm and pay maxiumum by Tuesday April 17th as spaces are limited.  

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