Declutter YOUR LIFE

Why declutter? 


Declutter your life from previous experiences, could it be past marriage, nasty job, bad relationships, etc. We all have something that needs to be decluttered. To illustrate more; here is an example to clarify my point.


The story began when we went as an expat overseas a few years back and had to store personal belongings for around 4 1/2 years believing that they are all important. This is the “Attachment" stage.


As we grow and thus change, two years after, I started feeling the guilt of storing things.  I realized that since I have not used “those items” for years, then I don’t need them. This is the "Realization of the  truth” stage.


All the time I felt guilty for storing things. This is the carrying of “Guilt” stage.



Then it was time to repatriate and get our things from the storage. I was overwhelmed and depressed with the boxes, and the stuff I've kept for years. Indeed, so many people could have used a lot of the stored thing, I thought to myself. "This is being “Overwhelmed and depressed” stage.


Now it was time to think of how to get rid of this burden psychologically and mentally as it was a real burden. This is "Processing and thinking of a way out” stage.



Then came the time to decide to let go of being attached to things. This is the “Detachment” stage.


I started giving away stuff. This is the "Release and letting go” stage.


People were so grateful to get good stuff in their new home. This is “Fulfillment" stage.


What a lesson to be learned! The process of attachment, realization, guilt, overwhelmed, depressed, finding a way out, detachment, release and finally fulfillment is essential.


Would I have listened to anyone if they told me the end result? Maybe yes and maybe No. 

It all depends on my journey and what I needed to learn. I had to go thru the experience to fully understand the lesson. 


A 360 cycle that we keep on going thru in everything in life. I have to have this; I can’t live without that. 

Honestly, all these statements are genuinely fake and are just baggage that we carry around. Once we realize and release it, we free ourselves.



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