Vibrate in wellness: 

If we want a better life, it is essential to reflect on what was done in the past, analyze it, address our mistakes, learn from our experience and find out which direction to go next. 

In this process, we learn our patterns, habits, and behaviors.  
We learn what serves us, so we keep it, and we also learn what doesn’t so we let it go. When we let it go only then we open space for the new to come through. 
Does this make sense? 

You will notice that lately, humankind are more open to new knowledge and different ways of thinking. We have also been given so many tools in so many languages through different teachers to reach as many people as possible. The collective conscious needs to be elevated. And I think that it is. 

Presently, knowledge is at our fingertips. Our job is to pick and choose what serves us and let go of what doesn’t. 

In this blog, I am writing about ancient wisdom, the laws that govern our lives and the laws that govern the energy around us. 
Some changes that we make can create massive improvements in our lives. And when this happens, we improve the energy that circulates in our environment, elevating us to a different vibration that allows us to enter the orbit of attracting goodness into our lives. 

As humans, we swing between different orbits.
To simplify, if angry we go into low vibration, attracting not so good events. While when happy we are in a higher vibration thus drawing goodness.

Today I am sharing few tips that would raise your vibration, all simple but has a drastic effect.

TODAY, declutter your mind and let go of anything old that does not serve you anymore.
TODAY, be selective about what you feed your brain. The subconscious mind plays a vital role in our behavior.
TODAY, improve the level of energy of your environment and space you are living in by beautifying it.
TODAY, think kind of yourself, after all, “You are what you think."
TODAY, reflect on significant events in your life and consider them a learning experience rather than luck.
TODAY, fine-tune your plans. The seeds that you plant today will show up in your future. So let it be colorful and beautiful.

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    Heba (Friday, 19 June 2020 22:19)

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