Remember to comb your soul.


We all go thru periods of depression in life for various reasons, be it the loss of a job, a friend, a status, a thing, sickness ..etc. And I am no different.

But we have to remind ourselves that depression SEAT is in our MIND. It is created in our minds. With the new knowledge that we are now receiving we know that we have some control over this.



So what should we do?


Understanding that our life mirrors what we think. So why not look at this as a game. Our mind feels depressed, and our mind reflects our future and our mind can change status from misery to happy. Understanding this process then let us manage this game.  So leap of faith and let us revert things around.


The next time you look in the mirror and while combing your hair, comb your soul as well.


Show up to your life in the most gracious way you can.

Wake up each morning as early as you can. Take a good shower, dress and get ready for the day. Put some light music, meditate/pray to reconnect with your soul and ground oneself. Few enjoyable things that you can do every morning.


But to carry on the momentum work your life pretty much like your day.


Here are few tips.

Plan your vacation one year in advance:


When I use to work in corporate Canada we were asked to present our annual vacations one year in advance. At the beginning, I didn’t like it, but then I found that to be a great motivator as the process of planning your time off gives a beautiful feeling and something wonderful to look forward to. So plan your vacation for the whole year. It will give a sweet feeling.


Give your spirit some attention:

I also found that planning outings, playdates also make your spirit dance as you then work and know that you will have time for yourself. TIME FOR YOURSELF to do whatever you like.


Enrich the child in you:

Always think of the child in you. Your spirit needs the dancing and the fresh air. Treating oneself as a child brings the joy of a child. Be bold with whatever you want to do and most important don’t think of what people will think.


Take care of your body:

Your body, on the other hand, has to be taken care of because it is our source of happiness and could also be the source of misery.


Avoid the sad news:

Choose what you want to watch, don’t get inundated with the bad news around the world. Everyone on this earth has his journey to evolve so concentrate on you.


Be grateful:

Gratitude is the best way to see your real life. There must be something magnificent about it. Just find out what you have that others don’t just to help you be grateful. 


Enjoy your life while being healthy and able to move around. Don’t be a  prisoner in your mind.


I will never forget when I was hospitalized and was extremely sick ,  my only request to GOD was to give me the energy to be able to healthy and be able move around and live as a normal person. 

I will always remember this.


Play the game, remind others and remind yourself that it could be a magical journey. Free your mind. It is your decision.

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