Everyone has a dream in life; this is what we know for sure.

Some pursue it, and some don't. Why? Merely, because they think they just "can’t do it."


 "I can't " is engraved in their minds.


There are TOOLS  to get clear on what you want, and there are STEPS to achieve it. 


In a nutshell;


ALLOW yourself to dream.

GET CLEAR on what you want.

ALLOW yourself to be led from within and from without, ie, people who can guide you.

AGE is not an obstacle, instead it's an opportunity. 

A lot of people look at age as an obstacle, it's actually a gift. If your mind is open and you are willing to learn, the older you get the easier it is to manifest your dreams.


And finally, 

PERMIT yourself to manifest your dream. 


The journey can be long or short, but once you recognize it, you begin to live with a purpose in life. You understand that life is not only living the days but loving and enjoying them as well.


To make my point clearer, "Mothers" often put their children before themselves. However, once the kids are grown and leave the nest, most mothers find themselves without a purpose in life. They find themselves aimlessly struggling, doing things that are not close to thier hearts.

Now, with an empty nest, its time to stop and redirect your thoughts and energy toward something that would make your heart dance.


The tools are available to direct and funnel all your thoughts to lead them to a fulfilling life. 

In Feng Shui,there are tools and techniques that can help to clear obstacles that are blocking your way.


I have worked with numerous clients, coaching them both physically and mentally to fulfill the goals that their hearts desire. 


Stay connected. Will see you in our next workshop. 


2017/2018 schedual; 

December in Toronto.

March in Cairo.

April in Toronto.

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