Look Listen & learn

When to listen to your heart and when to listen to the signs that come along was quite confusing to me but here is a story that would shed light on what we can do.


The story began when we were traveling the garden route in South Africa. Somewhere, I read that this is a road worth driving. And we started this journey. But interesting things happened on our way. We have stopped at a town called Gansbaai, to experience the adventure of the diving with sharks in a cage, this is another story, when we were taking a stroll along the beautiful coast and we suddenly stopped in front of a house that we liked. Mind you it was not the best looking house but we stopped, and apparently, it turned out to be a B.B.. suddenly a guy showed up, and we started talking. He asked us where we were going and we told him our intention. His words stayed at the back of my head. He said if you don’t know where to go along the garden route it will be very boarding. He made several suggestions for places to stay and eat.

The following day we drove to Cape Agulas, and we were staying at an old ladies guest house again she asked where we were going and we told her we came to see the two oceans meet. She looked at us and smiled and said you wouldn’t see anything. Thinking she was joking we still went and she was right. There is nothing to see as we expected that both oceans don’t mix. 


My point here is that signs and messages come our way and we need to understand it. Our journey is essential as we follow our hearts but listening to the signs is important too.


We still drove further to experience the garden route, and we stayed at a place where we met two old couples who tried to explain the garden route for us and what to do. What they told us was nothing that would interest us. 

At this point we looked at each other and said will drive further for one more hour. Then somehow we stopped to ask for direction, and again the place was another small B.B. We stopped to ask about the big tree that we wanted to see. The owner was a native, and she smiled again the same smile that we saw before and said it is just a tree that you will have to drive another for another 4hours to see. 


At this point, we took a U-turn heading home to Cape Town. 

At this point, we have already listened to our heart, and now the signs are directing us somewhere, so we have no regrets as to we should have followed our heart and do the route and not listen to people.



I think our journey and the experience that comes with it is so important as the signs that come along to warn us or to redirect us. I believe that both what our heart tells us and the signs that come our way are absolutely important for our journey.  Thus the Look ( for the signs ), listen (to your heart) and learn ( from the experiences that comes your way.)

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