The spirit of Dubai:


In the Dubai, people believe that the wind only blows forward. This is because they have created a place that gives unique experiences, a place where the mind awakens as the body unwinds, where all humanity can not only live but can also thrive. Its a place where people come from all over the world dreaming for a better life, to earn a better income, to live happily in the new dreamland.


Dubai continues to be not only an attractive touristic destination but also a dream for people to live in a beautiful new city. If you live in Dubai, you will be part of a growing nation where everyday something new is being built. Dubai has become on top of the world most attractive tourist destinations.


If you are passing by Dubai anytime and have few hours, here are some itineraries depending on the time you have.


What to do in Dubai in 6 hours.


Get on the metro or a taxi both are accessible from the airport and are affordable.

Catch the fantastic view of the world’s tallest building- Burj Khalifa, shop within the Dubai Mall, take a selfie in front of the famous dancing fountain and take a quick bite to get a glimpse of the authentic Arabic cuisine. 

Hop on the taxi or the metro and go back to catch your flight.

You just got yourself a quick visit to the famous luxurious Dubai.


Dubai in one day: Stopover itinerary. 


One day is never enough to see all of Dubai but hay if you got 24 hours why not get the maximum out of it.


Take a cab or hop on the metro and go straight to see the world tallest building “Burj Khalifa,”walk by the elegant shops in Dubai Mall and don’t forget to watch the famous dancing fountain it goes off every half an hour after 6:00 pm. Watch it several times as with the change of music the fountain daces differently. 

In the evening take a stroll along the beach close to the famous seven stars hotel Burj Al Arab, looking across the Arabian Gulf to the fantastic Palm Jumeirah.


Dubai in two days:


If you have 48 hours in Dubai, we recommend exploring the city. Start in Downtown to see the new Dubai Canal, the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Opera and Souk Al Behar which is connected by a bridge to Dubai Mall.

After a busy day, you can relax and watch the Dubai fountain show from any of the restaurants that overlook the fountain.


If you are a golf person, take a break the 2nd day, with a round of golf at one of the beautiful desert courses or maybe take "me- time" at any of the luxurious spas. Be sure to take a dip in the warm water of the Arabian Gulf before you go.

Take a cab and drive to Palm Jumeirah Crescent. Experience the luxury in any of the five stars hotels located on the palm. Enjoy the different foods from different cuisines of the world, or yet watch the sunset while enjoying a drink from any of the restaurants that overlook the sea or if you are a tea person enjoy the best afternoon tea experience you will probably have.



Dubai in three days:


Mix up the city’s famous landmark with a visit to the very informative museums in old Dubai. 

Take an “Abra,” a small boat, to go the famous authentic markets to buy fresh mixes of herbs to take back home. 

“Bastakia” in old Dubai is a must see. Make sure you also eat in any of the small restaurants surrounding the museum and enjoy the magic of the East.

Book yourself a desert safari; you will enjoy the drive in the dunes, delicious Arabic food and the Arabic folkloric dance and so much more.


Dubai in five days:


With the beautiful beaches, world-class shopping, unique cuisine and the stunning architecture of the city, Dubai takes holiday vacations to a whole new level.

Make sure you either take a cab or the hop on and off the bus to see all of Dubai. It is a feast for the eyes with all the buildings and entertainment places that you will see.

I would recommend taking half a day to drive to Abu Dhabi to visit the state of the art mosque " Big Mosque"  and the famous French museum " The Louver." Two places that you have to visit and enjoy while visiting Dubai.


If you happen to be visiting during the winter time, check out the famous horse and camel races. You will be lucky if you have the time to attend any of the finals of both competitions. 


Also on your way to Abu Dhabi take a small detour to visit the "Falcon's hospital," it is a great learning and unique experience.


What is happening in Dubai?

There is always something happening in the city of vibrant Dubai, from International concerts and world-class sporting events to stage performances and cultural events. Dubaicalander.com posts all, so check it out. 


Here are some hidden gems to look for if you are in Dubai during the winter season.


I) Racing at Meydan:

If you are visiting Dubai anytime between  November to March,  you can watch the world greatest horse racing and exciting World Cup one of the UAE’s traditional pastimes. Races are held at Meydan every Thursday to Saturday.


II) Camel Races:

I think this is one of the best ways to experience the Arabian culture. Camel Racetrack can be watched at Al Marmoom Camel Racetrack, experience the regions best camel compete. It is such a unique experience that can only be observed in the middle east.


III) Arabian food:

Make sure to bring home some dates; they are stuffed with different kinds of nuts packaged in elegant boxes that make them both unique, delicious. 

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