Yoga  benefits  everyone regardless of the age. It improves posture, strengthens muscles, bones and align the body.

Recently there are has been a tremendous variety of approaches and teaching yoga styles. I have practiced yoga in many places around the world and as a certified yoga teacher has found that the array has benefited the physical practice more than the spiritual one.


On the other hand, the creation of the many disciplines has made the yoga a mainstream activity that almost anyone can do. Thus have helped a lot of people with different physical levels.


While a lot of people turn to yoga to lose weight, yet the practice takes a significant amount of time to achieve this. 


I taught yoga to different age groups and found that it does magic to the posture regardless of the age. It is important to mention that once you are physically healthy, your spirit becomes stronger too. 


You must have read and heard this quite often, that getting old is a "mindset;" I would add, you feel old only when your body stars suffering.  In my opinion, when you take good care of your body, you feel strong, and this is when age becomes "Just a number."

A strong relaxed body makes you feel young.

With exercise comes the ability to"relax." 


One way to refresh your mind is thru "breathing."

There are many breathing exercises to rejuvenate and relax;

I am sharing a simple one for anyone to practice anytime.


Here you go:

Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position.

Observe the irregularity of your breath.

Transition to a slower motion of breathing.

Inhale on four and exhale on four counts. 

Repeat 10 times.

Flutter your eyes open and go on with your day.

This breathing technique calms the mind and creates a sense of balance and stability.




Hope this will help. 


From my light to your light " Namaste."

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