If you have taken a leap of faith and traveled to Egypt, I would recommend eating some of the authentic, delicious yummy local food. Don't be afraid; the key is to choose clean local restaurants and not overeat.


Be aware of the fact that sometimes tourists are not used to the different ingredients  the food contains or the way of cooking or even the combination. So my advice is to go easy on yourself. After all, we want you to enjoy the trip and go home in fabulous condition. 


Below are few of the authentic Egyptian food to try.I have chosen few dishes for you to try.






 I) Fave beans pronounced as "Foul":


It is the number one local food. While the dish is considered a typical Egyptian breakfast, it can be eaten any time of the day. It is vegetarian and super healthy. Most hotels serve "foul"  in their breakfast buffet, but I would recommend finding a LOCAL restaurant that specializes in serving this dish. 


What are the ingredients?


Fava beans, salt lemon, cumin, olive oil, celentro.


How it's cooked?


Fava beans are slow cooked, flavored in various ways according to the region. The typical way is to add lemon, cumin, salt and any oil preferably the olive oil. In some regions as in Alexandria, chopped tomatoes and green onions are added.

Foul is usually eaten with Egyptian bread. 



II) Egyptian Felafel  named "Taamya" in Egypt:


Again a very popular dish  eaten in sandwiches topped with salads, tahini or  without bread and still dipped in tahini. 


What are the ingredients?


A mix of fava beans, parsley, cilantro, onion, dill, garlic, salt pepper and cumin.


How it is cooked?


To get the true flavor it has to be deep fried.

III) Egyptian bread, called "Aish  Balady:" 


Healthy and filling and is almost paired with every Egyptian meal. Baked in traditional Egyptian ovens and is eaten by most locals.


What are the ingredients?


Mainly whole wheat flour, water, eggs, yeast ,salt.


How its baked?


High temperature wood oven.










VI) Koushari:


One of the favorite dishes among the Egyptians, very filling and easy to digest.


What are the ingredients?


 White rice, macaroni, black lentils topped with chickpeas, caramelized onion, tomato sauce with vinegar.


 How it is cooked ?


Most Ingredients are boiled and topped with fried onion.










V) Om Aly:


 One of the very delicious and popular dessert dishes. Served in most hotel dinner buffet. Quite heavy but is worth trying.


What are the ingredients?


Mostly puff pastry or sometime croissant covered with heavy milk, little butter, sugar, coconut flakes, your choice pistachio, pecan hazelnuts. 


How it is cooked?


Ingedients put together in the oven.





VI) Rouz Bel Laban (Rice pudding):


It is rice pudding with a slight different texture. Another dessert loved by a lot of Egyptians of all ages.


 What are the ingredients?


Mostly rice, cream, sugar and milk.


How it is cooked?


Ingedients are cooked togther on the stove for hours.

VII) Egyptian layered Pastery   (FetirMesheltet):


It is an Egyptian specialty, irresistibly whether you choose to eat it with honey or wit white cheese. Could be served with a cup of tea.


What are the ingredients?


Flour, salt, warm water, ghee

Can use sweet or salty toppings.


How it is cooked?


Baked in the oven.



VIII) Sunny side eggs with pastrami (Beedbel Basterma)


Another breakfast dish loved by a lot of Egyptians.


What are the ingredients?


Eggs, pastrami.


How it is cooked?


Fried eggs and pastrami in a pan with oil or butter.


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  • #1

    Betty (Tuesday, 14 November 2017 12:12)

    I think if I go to Egypt, I will certainly try the food.

  • #2

    Zandra (Sunday, 26 November 2017 03:16)

    We tried almost all of these foods in Cairo and they were delicious! The hotel we stayed in had Egyptian women making fresh bread all day long! The smells were incredible! Some of the food is similar to Turkish food which I love as well! Great foodie vacation! �❤