CENTRAL AND SOUTH BALI - Your pocket guide

In a nutshell, Bali is an Island in Indonesia known for its volcanic mountains, beautiful rice paddies, amazing temples, magical forests, waterfalls, and beaches. It offers everything to everyone. 


Many Islands and Gillis surrounds Bali. Gilli T, Gilli Mino, and Gilli Air to name a few.

 The Gills are famous for there golden sandy beaches and clear water. Great for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. You can go to the islands using the fast boats that connect them with Bali, Lombok, Nusa Lembongan and some other neighboring islands. 


I am going to give an overview of Central and South ofBali in this blog.


Close to the middle lies magical & charming "Ubud." This town is known for its yoga, meditation retreats, rice paddies and lots and lots of places to explore and enjoy. From high-end bars to hidden restaurants that offers yummy healthy food, to forests and waterfalls.  From Ubud, you can literary go anywhere on the Island. 


"Denpasar"   is the capital of Bali and is home to its international airport. We landed in Denpasar and explored some of the most amazing places on the island.  


“Kuta” lies to the southwest of Bali.  It is known for its party-centric atmosphere and surfing. The town is full of touristic bars, along with tattoo shops, and lots of restaurants. It attracts young tourists who want to experience "the wild Bali."


To the south lies "Nusa Dua" and it is famous for its resorts.  If you are not staying in one, you will have no access to a decent beach. 


Going further south of Bali, the government has privatized most of the beaches and owners made it unattractive to enjoy. Beaches are full of chairs and umbrellas placed right next to each other. You will also be asked to pay a hefty ticket only to enter each beach.


I have accumulated few points to be MINDFUL OF to enjoy your Bali trip and the surrounding Island.



Understanding the Balinese culture and people's mindset in dealing with tourists. 

They view the tourists as a business opportunity. Everything costs and relationships are strictly business. Once you understand this, then you will surely have a great stay as it is very affordable.



If someone offers you a tour, ask in details what is included in the price. A tour might only mean "transportation, " i.e., transporting you from one point to the other.



If you are visiting any of the surrounding Islands using the “Fast Boats” read all reviews on the boat company re safety and boat schedules. Before booking any ticket from a local agent ask questions as to  "Does the boat have an AC?" "How long would it take me from point A to point B?" etc. Don't assume anything. 

Never return from the Gillies or surrounding Islands by boat to the main Island on the same day of your flight to anywhere. Because there is a possibility that something might happen to the boats at sea, and you might miss your flight. 



Bali's international airport is pretty and has a beautiful authentic architecture, but shops are costly compare to the city. My advice is to buy from Bali itself anything you need.



Eat lots of fruits; they are fresh and delicious. Best of all and only found in Indonesia is the "Red Dragon fruit.” So yummy.




Bali is “Yours To Discover.” From temples to mountains to volcanos to hidden waterfalls to rice paddies all are available and is a drive away. Just try to do your homework on where you want to visit and see before booking your tour. Travel around, go out and explore the center of the Island as it is truly breathtaking.



It is accessible and affordable to hire a private car with a driver to take you around. The drivers can suggest fascinating nontouristic places. Hiring a motorbike is enjoyable as well for short drives.



 If you are using Airbnb, you will soon find that in Bali it is all guest houses, small hotels run by staff. It's not someone else home like in Europe or North America. 



Have a body or foot massage every single day. After all, it is very so affordable, and spas are everywhere.



Always, carry cash and have fun negotiating when buying anything. It is affordable.


Have fun and share your pictures if you go there.


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 Offerings at the foot of almost every business, house or temple.

Get of the main roads in Ubud and walk in the amazing rice fields you might find a family of duckies.

Delicious Red Dragon fruit only in Indonesia. 

Fun in the waterfalls.

Go wild with accommodations

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