Millions of visitors, millions of writers, millions of pictures that we saw, heard and read about Niagara Falls,  but nothing is like seeing this magnificent & mighty nature yourself.

I have been to Niagara Falls many times, and I am still mesmerized, thrilled and energized every time I get the chance to see it.  

I am overwhelmed by the abundance of the millions and millions of gallons of water flowing every second, minute and day, non-stop. 

Although it is believed that we know where the water comes from yet my mind cannot grasp where could this water possibly come from? Is it coming from melting snow on mountains? Rivers? Rain? Where is the water coming from?

The journey that each drop of water takes and where it comes from is beyond impressive. It is said that Lakes Michigan, Superior, Huron, St Clair and Lake Erie which drain a large part of the North American continent, all feed the Niagara River. Water is flowing west to east, while Niagara River interestingly flows north.

Next time you visit, I recommend:

- To start your journey from the direction where the water is flowing before it rumbles off the falls.

- Then follow the stream going thru the whirlpool all the way to Lake Ontario. Water is pure crystal clear. - - Look for the rainbow that can be spotted from few locations while watching the water falls from the Canada side. 

- After fulfilling your senses from seeing the falls and taking few pictures, you might be interested in walking behind the falls or taking a boat to go as close as possible to the falls.

- Before you go take a stroll on its main street to enjoy the shops and the restaurants. 

- Enjoy the fabulous experiences. 

A little food for thought:  

It is said that the Great Lakes has " fossil water" which comes from the ice age, so a lot of the water going over Niagara Falls has some history!  


What a Beautiful Planet!

Enjoy this spectacular phenomenon, look for the birds that fly and others that swim very close to the Falls. You will always catch the rainbow only in Niagara Falls



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  • #1

    Laila Tamraz (Friday, 08 September 2017 12:22)

    Love this piece! Can't wait to go to Niagara now!

  • #2

    May Abdel Azim (Friday, 15 September 2017 02:17)

    Mesmerising experience!!