EXPAT LIFE - What you need to know.

Excited for the expat experience.

 Live in the moment.


If you have an opportunity to work aboard my advice is simply, "GO ahead and do it."

Getting out of your comfort zone will change your perspective on life. The most important thing and this was my experience, is "Learning to live in the moment."


While living as an expat, you always know that this experience has a limited time. You are simply reminded of with every friend's farewell party. You learn to know you have to make the best out of it as it can end anytime. 

Accordingly, during our expat period, we made sure we traveled to destinations that were on our top list. We made good friends that were considered family. We focused on what's available rather than on what's not. We got very detached from things and material.


Another lesson that we sure learned was the possibility of losing friends anytime. Like in life itself. “Expat Farewell Parties”  were quite tough. It's bittersweet. For me, I had realized this, when I attended my first farewell party for a friend that used to bring all expats together. I learned then that situations like this teach us the scenario life. One day we are all together having fun, the next day a friend leaves suddenly and disappears from our lives. The difference between expat life versus life itself is that friends go back to their own countries due to transfer or job loss and there is a possibility that we could meet again. While in life we never see them again. This experience taught me so many things as appreciating friends, finding, enjoying their good side, making the best out of both the experience and friendship, enjoying and appreciate every moment. 



Expat life has so many benefits but the above is a nutshell, so when you get the chance "JUST DO IT" & remember to "LIVE IN THE MOMENT."


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    Mary Jane Beran (Tuesday, 05 September 2017 18:00)

    Oh, Azza....habibity....my favorite Arab word!!! Your explanation of expats rings so very true. We were family. No past just today and a bit of a future. We looked out for each other, included each other and didn't judge. We shared the best of ourselves and realized the importance of inclusion. Our hearts were open and we always, always brought the new comers into the fold. We are members of a unique and very blessed group. I am so so happy and blessed to have been a part of the "trailing spouses". Thank you all for welcoming me and my family with open arms.

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    Gill James (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 03:32)

    Wise words, Azza and so very true. The successful expats travels with an open mind, recognising the interest and opportunities in differences and embracing them. They also welcome new expats without judgement, understanding how important it is to feel connected to a new country and way of life. The rich reward is friendships across countries, cultures and opinions - strong connections that will last a lifetime