And La-Gruyere it is.

Never had I tasted such fresh and delicious cream, cheese and milk. I might have lied, but this is how I feel right now after having a great lunch. I wonder why does Switzerland has such delicious dairy products?

I had to ask Sherry.

But who is Sherry I can hear you asking?        

She is the beautiful animal that has 4 stomachs. 4 stomachs?  This animal is one of the thousands of  Swiss cows grazing on the beautiful and delicious herbs and grass in the Swiss Alps. Yes, this is what makes the dairy products so special. Like fingerprints, no one cow is the same  as the other, as who knows who grazed on which herb or tree while being FREE  in the Alps.


    YES, you heard it right. FREE in the mountains during spring and summer season. Free to graze on the fresh and delicious grass and herbs in the mountains. Each of them needs approximately 100 kg of grass daily. I guess this is one of the secrets why Swiss products could be named the best in the world. The animals we assume are happy, free and are eating fresh food. I believe that if happiness enters our food chain, things change dramatically.


It's the energy of happiness. I am missing it already.


All ingredients are from fresh organic milk.



What a spectacular view! Different shades of green. What a bliss! A feast to the eyes!


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